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Annual Review   July 2013

For the past few years now, The Church of Scotland has produced an ‘Annual Review’ of the life and work of its kirks nationally and internationally.

This review describes vividly the way in which the Church seeks to be the Body of Christ and its rich diversity is reflected in the stories told within.

“The review allows its readers to take some pride in the achievements of congregations all over Scotland and beyond. It also allows readers the opportunity to reflect on a changing church in a changing society.” Right Reverend John Christie, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

From the Scot’s Kirk in London opening its doors as a night shelter to the homeless for 10 weeks in the winter to the tiny church in Luss, Loch Lomond celebrating 1500 years since the founding of the church there in 510 AD.

From a city centre church in Kilmarnock, fast becoming a vibrant place for community and worship with the appointing of an associate minister who is running a NiteClub for under 18’s and a series of successful band nights, to the presentation of long service certificates to ordinary members of the church in Ferintosh who quietly and unobtrusively make their faith and work in the church part of their everyday life.

In amongst all these stories is Oxnam Kirk. Somehow or another, Oxnam managed to find its way into the Annual Review and proudly takes its place with the best of them. It is good for us to see ourselves as a tiny part of a greater whole. We are simply co-workers with a mighty gathering of disciples who work to be salt and light in their communities.

The review is available in the Kirk vestry. Please help yourself and prepare to be inspired!


Just a small reminder that the pipes under the pews are hot, if the heating is on, please be careful!